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This used to be an air force base. In 1948, it looked like this. Now, everything is crumbling, and rusting, and the wharves have holes as big as a coffin, and the curtains in the windows are the smiles of old women with crooked teeth. At night, when nobody is around and nobody is looking, I imagine it moaning and creaking and rustling with the wind. With a slow, slow crack, like velcro unzipping, these houses haul themselves up off the ground, like an elderly person getting up from a soft sofa, and they stand, looking out for a while over the sea.

♥ Photos by Rob D on a Canon EOS 5D, Nikon 35mm f/1.4 
♥ Cardigan from Country Road ♥ Top from Cotton On ♥ Skirt from Temt ♥ Belt from Portmans ♥ Shoes are thrifted from Trademe ♥ Locket from Bling ♥ Bag is thrifted from Rebound Clothing ♥ ♥ Backgrounds from Vintage Printables 

♥ We're at the old Shelly Bay Air Force Base on Shelly Bay Road 

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