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crafting confidence

There were only two things I didn't look forward to at primary school; maths and art. We once had to make our own felt and turn it into a Christmas decoration to exhibit for parents later that day. My limp, plain Star of Bethlehem in a strange, non-Christmasy eggplant puce colour failed to draw the crowds. I'm not sure my crafting confidence has ever recovered. However, top among my list of things to do before I die, is learn how to sew. This still hasn't happened so for now I rely on people like nowallflower at felt. She upcycled and made this beautiful skirt from the fabric of a vintage tablecloth. Visit her shop on felt to see more!

Top from H&M Skirt from nowallflower Jade necklace is self-made Bag from Portmans Hairclip from Farmers Location: Herb Garden, Wellington Botanical Gardens

let's get all po-mo.

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