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small towns

I spent my day in three small towns. The buildings were bright white, the sidewalks pristine, the streets full of upper-class retirees and moneyed middle-aged urbanites daytripping with their sulky teenage daughters. The antique shops were full to the brim with gleaming wooden furniture but I rapidly backed out the front door when I looked at the price for a clay plate and read $125. A charming vintage-styled tea room beckoned with gorgeous blood-red floral wallpaper and delicate coloured chandeliers. When I peeked inside, it was packed with tired-looking people escaping the heat in Teva sandals, shorts and baseball caps. The contrast was incongruous. It made me wonder what it was like when tea & salons were an occasion rather than just another pit stop along a road trip.

NOTE: Thank you, Christina for the gorgeous pink & white cameo-style earrings pictured below. They are gorgeous. Can't wait to wear the other earrings, and of course, the "Ana Cocktail Ring"! Visit Christina's etsy shop here and get ready to part with some money.

♥T-shirt from Forever 21 ♥ Skirt is thrifted ♥ Shoes from Trademe ♥ Scarf from Valleygirl ♥ Red bangles from Equip ♥ Earrings from Down and Out Chic

♥ LOCATIONS: Featherston, Greytown, Martinborough (The Wairarapa)


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