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things don't last

Usually abandoned buildings are creepy, morose, dank things - looming on the edges of cities, shattered and broken. They're a reminder that even solid and substantial structures don't last. Time outruns them at every pace.

This abandoned school near a train station was painted Malibu Barbie perfection - pastel pinks, yellows, turquoise and lavender. Acres of concrete were littered with shattered glass from the broken windows. It sparkled like rhinestones in the sunlight. It wasn't abandoned. It was beautiful. And so alive.

♥ Headband from Portmans ♥ Cardigan is vintage ♥ Dress is vintage ♥ Belt from H&M ♥ Shoes are thrifted ♥ And that's a vintage Canon Canonet I'm holding, not a bag ♥

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