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Sorry, lovelies! I am back. Unfortunately, not back with a bang but back with a post on work clothes. Dreaded, dreaded work clothes. Lucky for me, I'm a public servant and therefore work dress codes are fairly liberal. The majority of lovely ladies of the blogosphere, I notice, are still studying and able to work whatever clothing they like at any given day. Which explains their consistently amazing outfits. Oh the luxury of being able to wear whatever clothes you like! However, Lanvin's Fall/Winter show at Paris Fashion Week has re-invigorated people's enthusiasm for clothing for the lady who works, and not merely lunches.

♥ Sweater is thrifted ♥ Jacket from Forever 21 ♥ Skirt from Glassons ♥ Shoes are thrifted ♥

♥ Dress worn as top from random boutique ♥ Skirt from Country Road ♥ Shoes from Mi Piaci
♥ And a guest star! ♥

♥ Cardigan from Glassons ♥ Top from Witchery ♥ Skirt from Country Road ♥

♥Dress from Glassons ♥ Yellow top from Glassons ♥ Bracelets from Diva and gifted ♥ Shoes from the Warehouse ♥

♥Dress from Zara ♥ Shoes from Mi Piaci ♥ Bracelet from Diva ♥

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