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charmed i'm sure

I've never owned a charm bracelet. I remember growing up and people proudly jingling their wrists in my face, displaying various symbols of their personality on their wrists - hearts, moons, books, ballet dancer figurines, kittens. A friend of mine was given a charm bracelet solely devoted to leaping dolphins. I may be a late bloomer in regards to owning a charm bracelet, and the charms may not have been personalised and hand-picked by yours truly, but I think this bracelet is me to a tee. No pun intended.

Papercut art from here
♥ Bracelet from Diva ♥ Headband from Equip ♥ Scarf from Valley Girl ♥ Yellow cardigan from Max ♥ Tee from Zara ♥

Also, please enjoy Bethan Lloyd Worthington's beautiful handmade ceramics and illustrations. This includes a lovely tea-inspired charm bracelet which is available to order on her website. I love her various sources of inspiration which she describes as "[the] cynical corporate image, dutty rabbits in neckerchiefs, accountancy [and] Eastern European witches". Her linework is beautiful, detailed and playful. Overlaid on her delicately-textured ceramics, it provides a pared-back, contemporary take on porcelain.

Pictures from Bethan Lloyd Worthington

groundhog day

crowning glory