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the beautiful are the damned

My decision to go to the races on Saturday was only made on Friday afternoon. It coincided with a complimentary make-up session I had booked a while ago at Mecca Cosmetica. It seemed a shame to waste a full face of free make-up. So I pulled together a mish-mash of things in my wardrobe. The headgear was the hardest part. I pondered making an impromptu fascinator out of an old leather bangle, a lace ribbon and some super glue; then I tried winding necklaces around my head in a sort-of Cleopatra fab homage; finally I just put on a headband with a feather on it, dreadfully exhausted by the whole process. Next year, I'm planning ahead.

QUICK NOTE: I saw a lot of girls wearing the same dresses. Nothing worse. I'm very very glad I wore vintage. It's at least a measure of a guarantee that you won't clock another girl in the same chain store tat as you!

♥ Headband from Diva ♥ Earrings are self-made ♥ Dress is vintage ♥ White clutch is thrifted ♥ Ring from Diva ♥ Necklace worn as bracelet is vintage ♥ Shoes are Nude ♥

YES. I know there isn't much difference in the photos. But in real life there truly was! If anyone wants a little rundown/review about any of the make-up products used below, email or leave a comment. If I look extra glowy in the after photos - well, that is the magic of the Prescriptives Illuminating range and the light I'm standing next to. Promise.

♥ SPF 25+ Face sunscreen by Mecca Cosmetica ♥ Prescriptives Illuminating Liquid Potion ♥ Presciptives Translucent Liquid Powder ♥ Concealer is unknown ♥ Mascara is Kevyn Aucoin ♥ Eye liner is Stila Smudge Pot in Jet Black ♥ Eyeshadows are Stila Eyeshadow Pans ♥ Blush is Nars in Orgasm ♥ Lipstick is Stila SPF 20 Shine Lip Colour in Charlotte ♥ Lip liner is Utowa in Peach

♥ Headband from Equip ♥ Top from Farmers ♥ Skirt is Shilla from Lippy ♥ Bag is gifted from Carol in New York, thank you, Carol!

The races themselves were interesting. On the one hand, equestrian sports are indelibly linked to traditional, posh, upper-class Ascot upbringings. Yet, there were very very drunk people, boys in unitards, rubbish everywhere and an owners car-boot party in the members'parking lot (I think Americans call it tailgating). I guess that's what happens when they let riff-raff like me in ;)

My favourite sights of the day.


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