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Wrestling with an Octopus

The Patient Photographer (dressed as Captain Haddock from Tintin) not only takes marvellous photographs, but is also a dab hand with scissors, number 8 wire, and a stapler. My octopus costume was whipped up in a few hours and caused a splash (pun unintended). Oh, and that's my friend who came as message in a bottle. Tehehe. I had a fantastic night! This month is always a particularly busy one. There's a raft of Christmas parties, Christmas drinks, Christmas lunches, and Christmas morning teas. I also have a puzzling and dorky obsession with dressing "in theme" - so tinsel around my head, a tacky red dress, Christmas wreath earrings, basically anything shiny, etc. Does everyone have their Christmas wardrobe sorted out?

♥ Headband from Equip ♥ Sunglasses from Portmans ♥ Bracelet was gifted ♥ Dress from Supre ♥ Tights from Farmers ♥ Shoes from No 1 Shoe Warehouse

So this car was parked outside my house a few days ago. A bucket of chocolate chip Christmas cookies anyone?

Ms Keys is in the Building

Up Up and Away!