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Whirling Dervish

I feel like a passer-by on my own blog! This will not do. I love the blogosphere and you gorgeous girls much too much. I don't know if I quite managed to pull this outfit off. But there was something about the curved, ruffled hemline of the white tee billowing over the sheer, floral tulip skirt that made me believe I was way avant-garde! ;) Yes, I am suffering from delusions of grandeur. Just like when I believe I'm a fashion designer because I chop the hem off a maxi dress or remove a sequin too many from a neckline. Never mind. One of the most startling things to do is to wear a dubious outfit which you know won't pass muster to many people in public but you wear it anyway!

Background and Picture from Drake at Flickr

♥ White tee from Zara ♥ Strapless top worn as skirt from Glassons ♥ Shoes from Max ♥ Necklace from Diva ♥ Ring from Diva ♥ Bangles from Equip

QUICK NOTE: I'm sorry that my comments on your blogs have dried up! I am back with much-needed spare time on my hands. I can't wait to catch up with what everyone has been wearing, thinking, saying, eating etc.

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