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Vicious Teen Crowds at Kanye West

Kanye West was great for a boogie. The problem, however, with the gigs of really really popular top 40 musicians is that the crowd tends to be young, immature, and annoying, with no idea of the considerate, proper way to behave towards each other at a gig. I swear, I went to 50 Cent in Auckland and felt safer surrounded by gangs! I wore this layered outfit, which was odd considering I knew how hot it was going to get. And I wanted to be hoisted up so that I could see over the crowd since I'm only 5"1, but these wedges made me very grumpy after four hours of dancing and standing. Also, there was plenty of strobe lighting which was super fun for dancing stupidly in slow-motion. Ace!

Kanye in Louis Vuitton from Fashion Manifesto
Kanye in concert at Auckland from Stuff

♥ Vest from Zara ♥ Tie-dye dress from Farmers ♥ Green singlet from Max ♥ Shoes from Mi Piaci

I rarely wear make-up. For me, it's not a necessity. However, after one particularly stressful day, I found myself in the newMecca Cosmetica in Kirkcaldies and Steins. Mecca Cosmetica stocks a load of international cult brands which were previously not available in NZ such as Prescriptives, Stila and Bumble & Bumble. This pint-sized store will probably be the closest NZ will ever get to the giant that is Sephora. Service was fantastic. I bought:

Magic by Prescriptives "Illuminating Liquid Potion" - the blurb on the packaging says it'll give you the perfect "visage". A lofty claim indeed. Actually, it's just a nice tinted moisturiser/primer, perfect if you don't want or need the coverage of foundation. Good texture, absorbs quickly, certainly illuminating, effortless to put on, and odourless. But pricey.
"The 'It' Colour" by OPI - I am always dissatisfied
by boring old pinks and reds on my fingers. That's why I had a long love affair with Russian Navy (i.e. navy) from OPI. Your skin tone has to be spot on to carry this mustard yellow. My manager was so bewildered by it that she pointed it out to everybody at a team meeting. I would have called it "Jaundice" by OPI. Don't get me wrong - I love it to bits. And it's the same colour as the wall I'm resting my hand on.
Dior Addict High Shine Lipstick in Flamenco Red - I have quite the collection of Dior High Shine and Ultra Gloss Reflect glosses and lipsticks. It's the only brand of lip colour that I own. I suspect it's less to do with the quality of the product than the fact that I first discovered it in a Sephora along the Champs Elysees in Paris. So I now associate Dior High Shine gloss and lipstick with good good times. A perfect red that doesn't look dark and matronly against my dark skin. Tasteless. Which is good.

Up Up and Away!

The Re-Invention of Lace by Prada