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Sunset Dunes

Living in Wellington, you cannot escape the sea. No matter how often you look for urban landscapes, abandoned factories, industrial zones - the sea, the sky, and the horizon are always nearby. It makes me feel lucky and lonely at the same time. Surrounded by water, anchored at the bottom of the globe, NZ is so far away from everything else. But that very same factor is the reason why so many of us leave and why so many of us are inexorably drawn back.

Below are four versions of the sea that I love - the first, at sunset, dotted with seagulls, and anchored boats with the tide slowly coming in. The second, the sea haute couture eerie at night with the glamorous Edita superimposed in the foreground in a lovely selection of satin ruffles and sheer kaftans done up like a 50s glamour queen crossed with a 90s supermodel. The third, the photographer's take on the sea in its gloom, its joy, and its lightness. The fourth, North Koreans living in South Korea documenting the sea as if it might slip away and their children making do with a man-made rock pool in the middle of the urban sprawl.

♥ White top from Glassons ♥ Vest from Zara ♥ Skirt from Shilla at Wild Pair ♥ Shoes from Witchery ♥ Scarf from Valley Girl ♥ Bracelets from Diva and Equip ♥ Necklaces from Diva

Source: Model Couture at Livejournal

Top photo by Melanie Schiff
Bottom left photo from ?? can anyone help?
Bottom right photo by Bianca Brunner

Photos by Suyeon Yun

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