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Shaking her Thang in Armani

Seeing Ms Keys in real life was incredible. It was a truly generous, slick, and sassy performance. My favourite moments were when she let her voice tangle with her classically-trained pianist fingers and allow them to do all the work. Truly talented and effortless. Ms Keys and I were both wearing red for her performance. Great minds think alike I say. Giorgio Armani was in charge of her As I Am world tour bespoke wardrobe and the red top she wore was clearly stamped by his hand and approved by Alicia, judging by the plunging necklines which she's so fond of. I confirm that she was wearing the halter neck with circular pleat details teamed with jeans which Giorgio has originally dubbed "The Alicia jeans". I'm sorry, but they looked like skinny black jeans to me.

♥ Headband from Diva ♥ Hoop earrings from random in Osaka, Japan ♥ Dress from Forever 21
♥ Shoes from somewhere in MBK Bangkok, Thailand ♥ Bag is thrifted

QUICK NOTE: Aucklanders - If any of you are going to see Kylie, please email me at with some pics from the event and what you wore! I would love to see them and share them with everyone, especially her Jean-Paul Gaultier costumes. Here's a sketch of what Gaultier has in store for Kylie's pocket rocket bod.


Ms Keys is in the Building