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Apologies for the very brief hiatus. I know I am known for my daily posts but the Christmas events are just flooding in! Not that I'm complaining. I spent some time unwinding in the Botanical Gardens, smelling roses and enjoying the summer sun. During summer, my wardrobe requirements generally go like this: loose dress, hat, sandals, lip gloss, blusher, sunblock, bottled water. While this is pretty low-maintenance for me, I sometimes look around in wonder at the proliferation of singlets, shorts and jandals that surround me, and think - can we not do a wee bit better and use a little imagination? What is it about heat that positively encourages everyone in Wellington to just wander around under-dressed, sunburnt (yick), and even (yick yick!) barefoot?! This is particularly aimed at those guys who believe it's totally acceptable during this season to forget about their shoes, refuse to comb their hair, strut around topless and wear only surfie board shorts. During these times, I miss winter and the extra effort everyone goes to to look presentable.

♥ Hat from Ella Rose NZ ♥ Dress from the Warehouse ♥ Belt from Glassons ♥ Jandals from Esprit ♥ Bangle from Diva ♥ Ring from Diva

And to get me further into the summer mood, I am overwrought at the thought of having missed out on lavishing attention on Lanvin's 2009 Resort Collection. Silly me for thinking there were only 4 seasons, but through the magic of advertising and the apparently short attention span of consumers, designers now produce collections for "transitional" seasons. Enter "pre-fall", and "resort". From what I gather, these pre-season shows do two things (1) give you a sneak preview of the upcoming full season and (2) keep your attention firmly on the designer who fears that you are getting bored of their previous collection. Once again, I'm not complaining. The more fantasy clothes, the better. And Alber Elbaz does them look nobody else. His usual feminine touches and luxurious fabrics like silk gazar are off-set by the dishevelled, quirky styling. The layers of necklaces, casual tee-shirts paired with a jet-black shiny floor-length skirt, and hasty up-dos gives a wonderful "toddler in dress up box" impression. Everything is too gorgeous for words! The shoes! The polka dots! The accessories! Please, Santa...

Whirling Dervish

Shaking her Thang in Armani