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Librarians Must Wear Only Clothing in Specific Colours

One sunny Saturday evening, two girls, let's call them Paz de la Huerta and Adriana Francesca Lima (Brazilian supermodels) rushed around the house getting ready for a graduation party, while the third, Ana Isabeli Fontana, lounged on the couch, having no life at all and as a result, having gotten ready a good two hours beforehand. This is what we wore while hovering around the food table, drinking green punch, and awkwardly smiling at unknowns. And if you're wondering about the humongous flower on my dress - I put it there. Why? I still don't know.

As an aside, the invitation stated a dress code of "Semi-Formal". We dutifully followed the respectful wishes of the host but found a sea full of jeans (Casual) and - puzzlingly enough - black suit skirts with shiny satin blouses (Business Standard). If you follow the advice of Dress Code Guide, what we should have worn was a lace camisole with a ball skirt and a "luxury coat if weather permits". And absolutely no hats. "Hats are not worn for Semi-Formal evening wear".

Ana Isabeli Fontana wears ♥ Dress from Shanton ♥ Flower corsage from Glassons ♥ Shoes from Mi PiaciPaz de la Huerta and Adriana Francesca Lima are wearing fantastic clothes. I do know that Paz's black tie wedges are from Number One Shoe Warehouse and Adriana's red dress is from Max.

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