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In the Mood

What a great, lazy Sunday! I was at my friend, Antonia's house and went to catch the train home. I was so busy taking self-timered photos at the station that I didn't notice the sign that read "BUSES REPLACING TRAINS". I hotfooted it across the tracks to the bus stop and thankfully hopped on in the nick of time! I did three loads of washing - a highlight ;) and some aimless Christmas shopping for others but mainly for myself. Now the Patient Photographer and I are cooking a new recipe "Spicy lamb and cashew kebabs on rice pilaf" while taking swigs of punch (tropical fruit juice, ginger beer, cider, and strawberries). I hope you all had a fantastic Sunday. I love the embroidered detail on the arm holes of this top. It lends a little interest to an otherwise plain outfit.

♥ Top from Country Road ♥ Dress worn as skirt from Mink Pink ♥ Shoes from Witchery ♥ Bag is vintage ♥ Necklace is from Diva

I have a vague recollection of watching Wong-Kar Wai's In the Mood for Love starring Tony Leung and Maggie Cheung. I watched it with my mum in the cramped Rialto cinema in Wellington and left largely puzzled but visually entranced. Movie's which revolve around long stretches of silence punctuated by muffled street sounds tend to do that to me. Check out Maggie Cheung's beautiful 1960s cheong-sams in mouthwatering colours and prints. It puts me in the mood for dreaming...

For a review of the film, click click here.

Finally - apologies for the mammoth post - the ever-beautiful, ever-charming much love gave me this award!

And I am so happy to pass this on to:
Andrea at A Cat of Impossible Colour - for her sweet comments & unfailing sense of her own style
Capture the Castle - for the candour and candidness of her posts
Just Fashion. Art. Design - for the always interesting posts and supportive comments
Lauhren's Odd Blogs - for sharing her interesting art/design projects which shows so much talent
My Idea of Fashion - for her vivacious and sweet personality which comes through on her posts
She Knows - for the prolific posting of fabulous, amazing fashion photos and moments
The Cherry Blossom Girl - for her dreamy, professional fashion shoots featuring amazing clothes and places.
The Vintage Year - for admirably doing her bit for the environment with her vintage/thrifted only wardrobe

Here's the award for downloading pleasures. Do with it what you will. I know I will be proudly displaying it on my sidebar. Thank you, much love!

Librarians Must Wear Only Clothing in Specific Colours

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