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Around the World

I wore this to my girl's graduation dinner last week (Congratulations, Antonia!). She thought gladiator. I thought Egyptian. Judge for yourself. But it made me think of Chanel's pre-fall 2009 collection which were jammed full of Slavic references - babushka dolls, a dress printed with the Moscow skyline, hand warmers, etc. Karl Lagerfeld seems to be taking Chanel into a coolly rich, layered, and detailed direction. The collection reminds me of Alexander McQueen's Fall/Winter 2008 collection which took a wild trip around the world - India and Mata Hari, Arabian Nights, Transylvannia - all mashed into one. For me., the McQueen is the winner because of the range of fabrics and colours he used and his ability to veer from rock'n'roll/Goth to astoundingly fantastical. He, too, is increasingly going into a different direction - diluting his macabre leanings with feminine, whimisical touches.

♥ Top from Forever 21 ♥ Skirt from Top Shop ♥ Shoes from Portmans ♥ Purse is vintage

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