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Anatomy of An Inspiration

Luella and Princess Margaret "on acid". Translating the sophisticated princess bride of the 1940s and 1950s into clothes a fresh, urban, sweet young thang would wear in a snap while keeping the pure romance and femininity of a glamour icon. Exposed zippers cutting through frills, pink floral prints, and topped with a bow. Tough buckle-and-harness detailing paired with a pearl shoulder strap. Headbands and veils in place of a tiara. A healthy dash of childhood fantasies of what a princess should be - all hearts, flowers, pearls, veils, and colour, colour, colour.

♥ Asymmetry. Ruching. Sash. Pearls ♥

♥ Ruffles. Tiers. Flowers. Sash. Pearls ♥

♥ Headwear. Boxy bags. Gloves. Pearls ♥

♥ Original royal rebel. Glamour. Grit. In Love with a Gangster. Pearls ♥

♥ 60s/70s colour. Hearts. T-Bar heels. Pearls ♥

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