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Languishing in a Bathtub with Coco Rocha

I discovered Numero Tokyo while waiting for the bullet train to take me and my bestie to Kyoto. I lugged home one issue. Now for my shot of Numero, I have to subsist on the kindness of bloggers who post scans of the editorials up. Damn you NZ and your heinous airfreighted magazine prices.

Coco Rocha languishing in the bathtub below in an assortment of amazing Lanvin jewellery, John Galliano and Balenciaga swimsuits, Robert Cavalli , Vuitton and DVF sheer acid-pop dresses is a supreme example of why I love the way Numero showcases fashion. Also, this editorial is a prime example of how stylists and creative directors subconsciously or consciously take their inspiration from art - a little bit of expressionism in Klimt, a generous dash of the Pre-Raphaelites, mixed with the clarity and colour of pop art and the ramped-up sauciness of a 40s Vargas girl - and we have this gorgeousness of a fashion fantasy below:

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