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Jewellery Diva

Distressed Shopper: Why do I buy this crap? They change colour after two days.

Yes this is true. I bought some "gold" rings full price from Diva a couple of months ago and was dismayed to find that they left a greenish circle around my finger. BUT - a Diva sale store has opened up in the CBD next to the Ma Higgins Cookie stand. This is a terrible terrible combination for me. There is nothing under $5 at the Diva sale store. I have been there a total of 4 times since yesterday lunchtime when I first stumbled onto it. And the temptation to pair a tonne of new jewellery and headbands with a cookie for $1.20 is just too too much to bear... Wellingtonians - this Diva will remain a sale store until January. Help... The gluttonous stash is below.

This is yet another skirt turned dress. I love the abstract floral print in the very strong 80s colours. Though it pinches a bit on the *ahem* decolletage it's not enough to discourage me from flitting to the dairy for a pack of corn chips in it.

♥ Peacock feather headband from Diva ♥ Skirt turned dress is thrifted ♥ Necklace from Diva ♥ Heels from Pulp

I'm watching Ghost Town tonight - thanks, Natelle for the review! - and, given the huge time I had last weekend, I am looking forward to kicking back at the movies and having a sedate, civilised Saturday. I hope though that at least one you has as good a time tonight as this girl from Cobrasnake.

NOTE NOTE NOTE: There have been a few new commenters on my blog and I am so pleased and excited that you all found me! I will be linking to every single one of you because I've had a nosey through your blogs, left a comment or two and loved every single one of them. I plan to do this very very soon!

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