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Horses for Courses

Forgive me - this will read like a very lame "Tell me what you did in the holidays" type essay, except about my weekend. I will, of course, try very hard to cover up this fact by tossing in some photos of Sasha Pivarova with a horse and inserting photographs of me shamelessly posing in front of the camera (so what's new?!). Normal style/fashion-related posts will resume once I've recovered from a particularly busy weekend. So here we go --

1. No you are not experiencing deja vu. I went once again to karaoke. The eagle-eyed amongst you will recognise the neon background from this post and surmise that I, in fact, went to the same karaoke bar as last time. Most well-received songs sung by yours truly: Gangsta's Paradise by Coolio, I'll Make Love to You by Boyz II Men, and the timeless She's Like the Wind by Patrick Swayze.

♥ Dress by MinkPink from Wild Pair ♥ Vest from Zara ♥ Wrist Hardware is thrifted, from Diva and Equip ♥ Shoes from Portmans ♥ Patrick Swayze's abs circa Dirty Dancing - all his own.

2. As a result of my karaoke over-indulgence, Saturday night was a write-off for me. I woke up at the ripe ol' hour of 2 pm, ate some lunch, and fell back to sleep until I got up at 6 pm to paint my nails, play with the make-up I bought on Friday lunchtime, read a trashy romance novel by Meg Cabot (highly recommended!) and Elle UK, swig sugar-free V, and pose with all my chain and studded accessories.

♥ Vest from Zara ♥ White ruffle tee from Zara ♥ Jeans from Glassons ♥ Pink dress/tunic from Supre ♥ Hat from the men's section of the Warehouse ♥ Grey heels from Mi Piaci ♥ Brown heels from Sachi ♥ White heels from Nude ♥ Headband from Portmans ♥ Wrist hardware is thrifted and from MNG, Diva, Equip ♥ Necklaces from Diva ♥ Studded bag from Farmers

3. Horse trekking in the Ohariu Valley. I almost did not get an invite since my friend thought that wearing a helmet and getting hat hair would turn me off. This hurt me given that I don't believe I'm that high maintenance. But I showed 'em! Me and my 20 year old, stubborn, lackadaisical, laid back, refused-to-trot horse called Red. And look! Sasha Pivarova with a horse in designer clothing. But spot the odd one out. It's a tough one.

Sunset Dunes

Miss Dressing Up in Cut-Price Missoni