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Floating Like a Butterfly

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My date with Daniel went from 9:15 pm until 2:45 am this morning. It was a Casino Royale/Quantum of Solace double feature. Unfortunately for Quantum of Solace, the fact that it came straight after the very slick, very witty Casino Royale meant you couldn't help but compare. I found the action sequences much more enthralling and compelling in Casino. Not to mention the electrifying chemistry between Daniel Craig and Eva Green! Casino can stand on its own as a film. If Quantum was not part of the Bond franchise, it would be a mediocre action movie at best. However, I really feel that the mission has been achieved - the Bond franchise has been revitalised with Craig's portrayal of 007 and it's fast winning back old fans and gathering new, younger ones. OH also - I highly recommend Google Imaging key words "Daniel Craig". Me and the girls at work had a ball with it. Let's just say Daniel Craig emerging from the sea is a hot favourite on the inna-netz. Bear with me - I know this is not some sort of celebrity fan site - but surely some of you ladies will appreciate the photos below.

People Say I Monkey Around

Bond. James Bond.