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Miss Dressing Up in Cut-Price Missoni

The dress below is no doubt a copy of the relatively well-known Missoni Karolina dress. I think this was a find during one of my mother's overseas jaunts. It got me thinking that NZ doesn't have enough stores which do designer copies well. Europe and the US are full to bursting with them - Zara, Reiss, H&M, Top Shop, Forever 21, MNG - and what do we have? Max and Glassons. And they're hardly fashion-forward. Generally, I find the choice of clothing in NZ, both chain and designer, very safe and unexciting. Perhaps I am not looking in the right places? Anyhow, it's very dissatisfying having to fly halfway around the world to find clothes which stun you in your tracks and make your heart beat fast at non-designer prices. The choices here are limited and the price points high. This is partly what drove me to stalking second-hand and vintage shops - the drive for something different and interesting.

Missoni has been revitalised for the new century. It's not all geometric knit jumpers and kaftans anymore. This is partly due to their "ambassador" Margherita Missoni who is the perfect clotheshorse for their beautiful patterns, slinky knits, bejewelled vests and dresses, and luxe-boho point of view. She is just gorgeous with a definite sense of her own style. She's not afraid of pattern and colour and I love her laid-back yet very feminine take on dressing up. Imagine her closet!

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