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our favourite autumn city strolls

our favourite autumn city strolls

These days, the sun is lower in the sky, the light is hazy and on beautiful sunny days, it is a dream to walk around the city and the waterfront.


The light is dappled and the leaves are throwing up shapes against the buildings and the ground. At Frank Kitts Park, the bottlebrushes are blooming.  


On beautiful autumn days, the possibilities feel endless and winter seems like a dream away. 


Our Favourite Autumn Strolls

  • Start at Civic Square and walk along the waterfront towards Freyberg Beach at Oriental Parade. Bring a kite for the beach! We like the Pocket Kite from Tea Pea.
  • Catch the Cable Car to the Botanical Gardens, stop at the playground, and jump in piles of leaves at Horseshoe Bend.
  • Bring the dog with you for a run around Katherine Mansfield Memorial Garden.
  • Frontpack along the Central Park trails to enjoy the yellow, golds and greens then let your baby and kids explore the huge playground and flying fox. 
winter in waiheke

winter in waiheke

a few nights in napier

a few nights in napier