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Day 37-38 - Munich and Salzburg, Austria

After a bout of chills, coughs, and sniffles.  The heavy doses of flu medication knocks Ana out cold. I'm sent to fend for myself in Salzburg, Austria and this blog.

With the promise of a nice salad, I'd managed to drag Ana to the BMW museum the day before. Luckily, the museum is pretty easy to get to from Karlsplatz. Jump on Tram 21 and wait till end of the line. I'm not the best with maps and train schedules. The simplicity of the journey comes at great relief. On the way there Ana tries to sound all enthusiastic about what we're about to see. Throws out a random fact or two about cars. She loves using words like "chassis" and "racing line". It's sweet.

By this time, the cherry sherry Ana's had for lunch is either wearing off or kicking in. Her eyes have started to glaze over now. Our lunch was waited by a burly unit of a German mountain man at restaurant Augstiner in Marienplatz. He's real chuffed with us cause we seemed to have got his favorites from the menu. Meatballs with potato mash (Hausgemachte Kalbsfleischpflanzerl) for her and Goulash with bread balls (Braumeistergulasch vom Rind) for him. I get a solid pat on the back for my effort

The next day is a no go for Ana.

I hurry along to the meeting point for the tour of Salzburg. First on the agenda is to get a 40 Euro refund on Ana's ticket. I get to the meeting point early. I see the ticket lady walk in her tiny ticket office. I wait a few minutes then walk in.

She's shuffling into her seat while mouthing off about the office not being open cause she hasn't turned the lights on yet. Just as she draws her next breath, there a group of tourists wielding bits of paper walking in behind me. There's now 20 people all crowded in the tiny ticket office. In the dark.

I shuffle along to the side and pick up a brochure to wait it out. As I'm flipping through the tours on offer I notice that the ride to Salzburg needs a passport. Ana's got my passport. Ana is back at the hotel. As I'm running through Munich HBF I curse at how unfit I am. My shins hurt. I haven't done my stretches yet.

It's 915, I've been told off by a German tour operator and I'm breathing in lava down my lungs. I seem to be the only one travelling solo on this tour. Even the guide is surprised to see me on my own - "So you're here by yourself and you've never watched the Sound of Music? This is kind of the sound of music tour... you know that right?".

After a 2 hour train ride and unplanned change to a bus halfway through, we're in Austria. This place is beautiful. Big castles, forts (insert Ana's art history facts) and pastel buildings.

It's a nice sunny day and there are locals dinning and smoking in courtyard cafe's. The people look rich and seem to have good genes. Mozart's balls are delicious.

Back at Munich HBF, I grab couple of local beers and red bratwursts as dinner for 2 and head back to the hotel. I missed not having her around today.

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