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takoyaki in harajuku and finally, the robots in shinjuku

Day 5 - Omote-Sando and back to Shinjuku

Our last day in this city and we want to do only two more things. Buy New Balances. Go to the Robot Cabaret. What about the Sky Tree, you shout? The Tsukuji Fish Market to see the tuna auction? TOKYO DISNEY SEA? No. Only shoes and robots will do for us now.

We find it hard to get out of the hotel. It's just too comfortable. We love our little neighbourhood in Nezu. The supermarket is five minutes away and it has badass ebi furai and other fried goodies. There's kids running chasing each other, older women in kimonos going about their daily business, and young couples wandering. I've been admiring the house down the road that's growing bitter melon from their second storey balcony down to ground level. I pat my first dog since I dropped my dog, Chester, off at his auntie Melinda's. The dog is a teeny-weeny dachshund with big brown eyes and he waits calmly but alertly outside the supermarket for his owner. 

We get back to Meiji-jingumae station and buy our New Balances at the ABC Supermart. ABC makes me think of Hawaii and when I think of Hawaii, it's only good memories. It's nice to see it in Tokyo. Lunch is takoyaki at Gindaco and we beat the line. There's one set that has a cheese and mayonnaise add-on and it's so delicious I have to stop before I smash it all over my face. 

Then back to Shinjuku for a date with the Robot Cabaret that we just cannot miss. The Robot Cabaret stuns from the first go. We're ushered into a waiting lounge for drinks. The entire thing is mirrored and paired with floor to ceiling tvs. We sit on cushioned swivelling seats in the shape of golden shells. There's a tiny robot dinosaur on each table. It knows when it's being tickled, it does tricks, and it knows when things are in its way. It hates being picked up. It kicks its legs wildly in the air. I squee and squee till I cannot squee anymore. 

Two girls in sparkly silver robot bikini get ups sing "Open Arms" by The Elusive Chanteuse, Mariah Carey. An archangel robot comes out to do the saxophone solo. I just... I just can't, guys. It's too good.

The show starts. There's a drum-off and it's too exciting.

Then suddenly there's girls in bikinis, operating 9 feet tall robot vehicles and animals. Dragons! Mermaids! Giant anacondas! Spider Girl! Flying dinosaurs shooting fireworks! Robot boxing ring! Bikini girls hanging off planes!

There are actual Real-Steel type robots that men have to unhook from stands and everyone number ones a little in their seats when the robots take their first steps. My god. I feel like too many of my dreams are coming true and I have to slow down. Rob takes a picture of me with my favoured robot of choice. I feel like crying a little the show is so ridiculously good. 

We go home, a little deflated but starry-eyed. On the streets of Nezu, men and women chant at the top of their lungs while carrying a shrine down the street. It's the annual festival of the Nezu shrine. We had no idea there was a shrine 280 metres down the road, but there it is. I buy chicken and leek yakitori from the side of the street and it's good. The day ends with a Glico red bean and vanilla ice cream from a vending machine and that's even better. 

See you later, Japan. 

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