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otaku times in akihabara and through to shibuya

Day 3

Jet lag hits hard this morning. The prospect of getting out of bed is about as welcome as a trip to the dentist. Somehow, I drag my carcass out and to Akafudada, the local supermarket in Nezu. My stomach is revolting against me and the only thing that quells rebellion is bland food and fresh fruit. Back at the hotel's shared kitchen, we eat toast, eggs, nectarines, and bananas. Then fall asleep till 2 pm. No joke. We're lucky that Tokyo is all about the night time. 

We spend the rest of the afternoon till just after dusk in Akihabara. The tiny little shops by the railway appeal to the hoarder in me; shops just for wires and cables, others for fluorescent lights, one for security cameras. First stop is Gamers in Akihabara. Seven floors of what I can basically call "stuff with lots of cartoon ladies on them ranging from PG to very rude". There's 7 floors of this pastel otaku stuff; one is just for "card duelling". I imagine clashing swords but when we get there, there are no card duellers in store. When is prime card duelling time, I wonder? 

Another floor is dedicated to "adult books" but most everything is shrinkwrapped so don't really get a good chance to peruse. However, there is a large cutout of a big-eyed young lady and there is a beige towel draped over her moneymakers. I taunt Rob to lift the towel and he's intrigued for a second, then shrugs and says "It's just breasts." I know, right? Am tempted to buy coin purse with animated figures of three ladies looking like they're having a great old time in one bed.

Taito Hey in Akihabara is awesome. There is no better word than that. Even more old-school than Club Sega, more run-down, less polished. I play NightstrikerGunslinger Stratos, ReflectBeat very very badly but enjoy myself immensely. Gunslinger Stratos is so freaking fun 'cause you get to wield two guns  in your hot little hands, shoot stuff on the enormous screen, and fly around virtual Tokyo-inspired settings while still shooting stuff. Thought I was doing enormously well killing large men in sumo outfits only to realise that I was in training mode. WHAT? THAT'S training mode?!

Go to Gachapon Kaikan. Am devastated when my chosen gachapon of choice, dogs in food, is not available. Rarer than hen's teeth. Eat a terrible donut at Mister Donut. Watch Japanese teen use the selfie mode of his phone to inspect the constellation of pimples on his chin. The Carpenters play over the speakers.

Night time falls and that means scrambling across the scramble at Shibuya. Rob can't decide which device to use to capture this experience. He settles for video because really, still pictures don't have a chance in communicating the unabating masses that swarm this stretch of concrete. The crowds in Tokyo always get to me. Sleep on train home. Eat toast with jam like a child. Fall asleep.

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