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woman reclining's ootd

This saucy minx is everything.

Last time I saw her in the Musee D'Orsay, it was December in Paris and the city was icy and grey. There were chunks of ice floating down the Seine. I ate Laughing Cow cheese and baguettes in my hotel room. I slipped many times on the sidewalk.

She was hung against a red wall. As if the curators wanted to goad you into judging her. Here's Manet's painting of a naked prostitute and her maid, the red wall says. What a harlot! 

When I saw her, I thought, lady, that's a kick ass blanket you've got there. Like something out of an Anthropologie catalogue. But styled more...naked. And racial.       

A morning in the life of Manet's woman after she's done reclining

Another bunch of flowers? Who from? Oh him? How boring. 
Coffee and cognac for breakfast. Oh and an enormous bowl of what looks like crumpled paper. Weird.
Time to put some clothes on! OOTD: Dusen dusen dress, Mansur Gavriel mini bucket bag, Made bangles, Swedish hasbeens
a long weekend in the sounds

a long weekend in the sounds

peanut butter and jelly cake