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your momma's jeans

your momma's jeans

Hey, so my friend and I brunched at 


. I had green eggs and bacon, a rhubarb and rose soda, chocolate lava cookies, and a flat white (stahhpp!). She had some vegan smoothie thing and some sandwich bite thing with broccoli, feta, pumpkin, and sunflower seeds, and a banana cake with blueberry cream cheese icing. My friend was warned that the sandwich bite was small which I liked because there's nothing more annoying than going to a restaurant, really hungry, and accidentally landing yourself with the dreaded big plate + small stacked food in the centre combo. That -ish makes me hangry.  

Loretta's was pretty basic. Don't get me wrong - it was delish. It carried on


signature of classic foods done with quality ingredients presented in a no-fuss way. The interior was also right on-trend if you think Scandi-modern, handmade ceramics, and artfully stacked gourds on a windowsill is on-trend. Which I do. I love that stuff. 

But the trouble is my friend and I like to think we're bosses. And basic doesn't usually mix well with bosses. You know what I'm saying? Probably not. Don't worry. Read


. Anyway, we managed to get around this issue by eating double what people were eating, cackling really loudly in the corner and talking about really nasty, yuck stuff that people shouldn't normally talk about when they're eating. If you like the sound of that, you should come join us for brunch.

I've suffered through maybe a decade and a bit of muffin tops and low-riders that cut you off in such a rude, awkward, aggressive way that sometimes you think maybe they were designed to fit like a harness in case you were presented with emergency abseiling opportunities.

To buy these jeans from 


 I had to fight my irrational aversion to the phrase "mom jeans" and use the fit visualiser feature on the site very liberally. They stretch quite a bit so if you're thinking of joining me in my mom jeans club (current club member numbers in Wellington: 1) and like your denim tight, go a size down.

These jeans are so nice. And flattering. And comfortable. And they hold everything in. Look at how high the waist is! Bliss! They make me feel like I could enter an air guitar competition and do lots of flying kicks. And yes, you're not seeing things. I tucked my t-shirt in.

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