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yemenese pancakes

Finc is our local. Sometimes, the food takes a while to come. So, don't go if you're impatient or in a hurry. If you do stick around, you'll get a chance to appreciate this kinda strange mix of Western, Asian, Moroccan, and Turkish flavours they've got going on. Also, they have powdered DOUGHNUTS/DONUTS at the counter. And that's so okay with me.

We were there for brunch and these Yemenese pancakes just wouldn't quit. They also couldn't decide whether they were crumpets or crepes or hotcakes. But I'm not mad at it because they were delicious. Turns out, you need yeast and patience to make these puppies. So they're more dough than cake. The pancakes were paired with rhubarb, pears, this spicy, pinky ginger syrup and creme fraiche.

Yemenese pancakes with rhubarb, pears, ginger syrup, and creme fraiche: Angle 1
Yemenese pancakes with rhubarb, pears, ginger syrup, and creme fraiche: Angle 2

At Finc, the counter food is also excellent. The choices are exciting, varied, and seasonal; crammed with  salads, filled rolls, and the best baking. I have to shout out about the salads since they're so imaginative and exciting (funky things with glass noodles, entire chicken thighs with pearl barley, etc).

There's nothing worse than a half-hearted salad. You know? With that out-of-the-packet dry mesculn with some sour balsamic dressing-thing. Or boring old Caesar or potato smeared with that sweaty old mayo. Urgh.

Eating healthy is such a big push these days and yet, people don't really do enough to incentivise eating salad. Which is why I often have to follow-up my salad with a powdered doughnut. Just sayin'

Menus on clipboards; vibes of admin chic or sweaty lab test?

Local art on the walls which you can buy framed or unframed
Booth dining ranging from well-lit to cosy dungeon dark

my lonely 14D/36D heart

doggy in a domino scarf

doggy in a domino scarf