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I’m a #content nut and digital native, lover of sweet treats, and pop culture fanatic. I live on the internet. That basically covers it!

where everyone knows your name

where everyone knows your name

A couple of years ago, this restaurant opened up in the city and I took my family there for my brother's birthday. Now, my mother's there almost every week and when she walks in, the manager gives her vouchers and free plates of chorizo. Imagine that!


spending so much money at a place that when you walk in,

they give you money

! Crazy times.

I recommend





. I used to think tapas was a joke 'cause I thought it was a secret society intent on forcing me to eat small portions infrequently. I take it all back. Go for dinner. Go for lunch. Order the polenta chips and the serving of meatballs and leave room for the chocolate salame.

But don't go for breakfast because Wellington is one of the brunch capitals of the world (fact) and if you wanted to eat a continental breakfast, you'd stay at home or GO TO EUROPE where no one


 how to do brunch. Okay?

Campari. Glorious campari. And Edison bulbs everywhere.

My mother asked the manager for ten of these empty bottles for her flowers. They got it for her. 'Cause they're great.

This hot chocolate was more bitter and rich than sweet and rich. I know which one I'd prefer. In a hot chocolate


in a person!

My brother just had this chocolate croissant 'cause an hour later he was having all-you-can-eat firecracker chicken

Full disclosure - I live a blink away from two NZ designer stores. One of them is


 my downstairs neighbour. Also, I have a classic champagne-taste-on-a-Spumante-budget. Sound familiar?

So sometimes, I find myself in these stores, on the way home from work or from walking the dog, and suddenly, I'm in the changing room on my banking app transferring money from my runaway fund into my checking and thinking

This is an illness

. It's really not. Unless poor self-discipline and money management are illnesses.

A bracelet that tells you to run when you know you can't. Depressing much?

I like to wear the bracelet to remind myself that I'm about to turn thirty and therefore RUN is exactly what I want to do but also the very thing I 


 do. Physically due to fitness but also metaphorically as in I want to RUN from work and responsibilities and paying a mortgage and walking my dog every day and unloading the dishes BUT guys, I can't. 'Cause I'm allegedly an adult. So the bracelet helps with this quandary. You can get one too from 

Karen Walker


The dress? I just like the dress 'cause I like Zoey Deschanel and I like Orla Kiely and it reminds me of both and it's pretty. Damn you, 

Kate Sylvester


My dog has no idea what's coming to get him.

crab fighting

hashtag talk in a lurid pink jersey

hashtag talk in a lurid pink jersey