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totally legitimate statistics

totally legitimate statistics

Today, I'm 80 percent closer to my personal goal of being in a position to take three months off to travel overseas with my husband. Once I know for sure, there's still the not-so-small matters of booking flights, rail passes, checking visa requirements, searching for accommodation, and all the details that go into planning a trip like this. But to me, that's the easy bit. Once return tickets are booked and my leave negotiated, I can breathe. And dream!

The destinations will be a mix of welcome returns and totally new places. On one leg of the trip, we're going to Turkey, through Jordan, and into Israel. We're still working on what other routes and areas to focus on. But at the moment, I'm wanderlusting after the Topkapi Palace, elaborate mosques, palm trees and dates, the Dead Sea, a search for the perfect Turkish rug, and contemplating the headscarf.

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Istanbul, Pammukale, Cappadocia

Topkapi Palace - Istanbul, Turkey
Pamukkale: Ancient Pool
Blossoming over the valley

Petra, Jerash, Amman

Amman, Jordan
Petra, by night

Jerusalem, Tel Aviv

Western Wall, Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem
Old Jaffa Port

P.S. because I'm a girly swot, I'm going to get in the mood with these books:

Road Trip.

waterfall bay

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