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the caker

I bought The Caker from Unity Books yesterday.

That's Jordan Rondel (aka the Caker) very delicately eating a very tiny cake.
It's got some weird -ish in there like potato chip cookies, a raw brownie thing made up of lots of medjool dates, and unappetising-looking vegan treats that makes me want to cry with relief that I do not have the moral fibre (BUT THE ANIMALS!) nor the weakness of stomach (OW. MY TUMMY) that requires me to be a vegan.   

Hmmm....let's hope they taste good?
Also, the cakes are sprinkled with this crackly thing that Jordan Rondel encourages you to order from Equagold. On further investigation, Equagold is just hazelnut praline. Which is great. Because hazelnut praline is DELICIOUS. So, why didn't they just call it hazelnut praline 'cause you hear those words and you think, SOLD TO THE WOMAN WITH CHOCOLATE ON HER TOP. But you hear the word EQUAGOLD and you think..... HORSE MEDICINE?

The ring around the cake is Equagold

Once you get past shuddering at the weird vegan stuff, the other cake recipes are full of summery, exotic, but still accessible mixes of berries, ground almonds, rosewater, lemon, marmalade, and fennel seeds. Then there's super awesome stuff like Nutella cakes, peanut butter and jelly cakes, and retro-throwbacks from my childhood like pineapple upside-down cake. Also, an icing recipe made up of condensed milk. 

I haven't actually made anything from this recipe book yet so can't tell you whether the cakes taste any good nor how easy it is to follow. Stay tuned for a different blog post on that. If you're the type of person who buys cookbooks for the pretty pictures, then that's cool, no judgment here. 

Jordan likes to impress on people how long she's been working in the fash-yon industry. She's done some collaborations with famous-in-NZ (harsh!) labels like Lonely Hearts and Karen Walker. That angle explains why the front is designed like a magazine cover. The styling is a sort-of hard twee. Vintage floral china plates and flowers paired with skulls, colour blocked backgrounds, and flash photography. 

She also humble-brags about how rustic and homemade looking her cakes are but she doesn't mind that because from her point of view, cakes should be about the taste and feelings. Which I won't argue with. But excuse me - if I pumped out cakes that looked like the ones in the book, I'd be ready to open up a shop and declared myself the Caker of the WORLD. THIS is what rustic and homemade baking looks like. 

If you're feeling inspired by my flippant review, this is NZD$37 from Unity Books.
doggy in a domino scarf

doggy in a domino scarf

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