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doggy in a domino scarf

doggy in a domino scarf

Hey, this silk scarf from Country Road is on sale and you should think about buying it. 

I did. And now, I'm always late to social engagements because I'm too busy taking selfies of me wearing it. 


I don't have any social engagements unless you count staying home in my socks, with my dog, reading $3.75 Kindle romance novels (

try this one, yo!

) a SOCIAL. ENGAGEMENT. Which I totally do.

OH! And it's winter here in the Southern Hemisphere. This scarf is silk. Which means it's not warm. It's more....fancy scarf-tying techniques and pretending you're Audrey Hepburn out for a strong espresso on a lovely spring-time morning in Rome. Okay? If you want warm, check out

this bobbly scarf

on sale from Kate Sylvester. Fancy! Can someone please buy it and mail it to me? Thank you!

Chester Le Pew

Here's me below trying to out-cute my dog without even bothering to brush my hair. I know that's a pretty futile exercise. I'm going up against an animal who

 stops people in their tracks with his scruffy charm, rakish black and white fur suit, and waggly tail. Passers-by look at him with this kind-of


 in their eyes.

Hungry Eyes

, you might say? 

Nice try, human

yemenese pancakes

the caker