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evaporating years

The first couple of pages of Meg Worlitzer's The Interesting reminded me of Ryan McGinley's photographs. At times, it's like a glimpse into a Neverland paradise; full of freedom, fireworks, and sunsets. Other times, the subjects are dwarfed and almost swallowed whole by the enormity of the world they live in, unable to comprehend forces bigger than they could possibly imagine.  

"Here she was now planted in the corner of this unfamiliar, ironic world. Irony was new to her and tasted oddly good, like a previously unavailable summer fruit. Soon she and the rest of them would be ironic much of the time, unable to answer an innocent question without giving their words a snide little adjustment...

....Fairly soon after that, the snideness would soften, the irony would be mixed in with seriousness, and the years would shorten and fly. And it wouldn't be long before they all found themselves shocked and sad to be fully grown into their thicker, finalised adult selves with almost no chance for reinvention."

first day of winter

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