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off the cyclone path

Being near the path of a cyclone produced once-in-a-lifetime monsoon-like weather. It was so humid, you felt like you were wearing another layer of sticky, hot air. The clouds purged themselves of torrential rain but, like a child throwing a tantrum, the downpour was over in a few minutes.

During the weekend, we huddled in various low-lit restaurants, keeping warm, eating well, and peering out the windows at the darkening sky. I had oysters, natural, then drowned in lemon juice and mignonette sauce. I couldn't stop thinking about them for the rest of the night.

Anthony Bourdain claims he had his life changed by eating oysters.

"It tasted of seawater... of brine and flesh... and, somehow... of the future. I had had an adventure, tasted the forbidden fruit, and everything that followed in my life- the food, the long and often stupid and self-destructive chase for the next thing, whether it was drugs, sex, or some other new sensation- would all stem from this moment."

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