Hi! I’m Ana

I’m a #content nut and digital native, lover of sweet treats, and pop culture fanatic. I live on the internet. That basically covers it!


I like waking up on a Sunday and being pleasantly surprised that the sun is out. Jumping on my bike and cruising down to the harbourside market, there's nothing better than a spot of people watching, a bag full of fresh vegetables (fennel bulbs, baby carrots, lemon, limes, and lemongrass), and feeling like This Sunday I'll be more careful not to drop mustard from my hotdog onto my clothes. And then feeling resigned when mustard plops onto my lap. Maybe next time. I think of a weekend getaway in Auckland, in Albert Park where there was a bogan wedding photo shoot underneath an old Ombu tree with gnarly roots punching out the ground, big and sturdy as a bookshelf. The bride wore white and the groom wore a black death metal t-shirt and jeans. Then I think Hmm...that was the first time I've had ice cream with pancakes for breakfast in a long, long time.

A third of the year has nearly gone.

♥ Oriental Parade on 35mm film by Rob D 
♥ Dress from Glassons ♥ Scarf is vintage  Necklace is DIY ♥ Earrings from Kilt ♥ Loafers from River Island ♥ 

 I think of my new chunky black wool jersey with big gold buttons and the way the salesgirl laughed when I said I was going to put it on with my pajamas and watch movies on the couch. I like that today, especially, I had the privilege of having someone come home to me with a fish caught fresh from the sea, watching him scale, prepare and fillet, and then cook it, dipping it in golden batter and squeezing wedges of lemon over top. I'm annoyed at how the latest season of Boardwalk Empire ended and astounded that Gretchen Mol can look good in dun-coloured lime. I've discovered the glory of Michael Kiwanuka, baby radishes, elderflower cordial with sparkling water on ice, and the XX. Right now, I've lit a candle and I laugh to myself as I hear someone in my head, saying, not unkindly, that it's like lighting your money on fire.

A third of the year has nearly gone. 

♥ Duke Carvell's Emporium on digital by Rob D 
♥ Top from Zara ♥ Skirt from Valley Girl ♥ Shoes from She's A Lady 

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