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I’m a #content nut and digital native, lover of sweet treats, and pop culture fanatic. I live on the internet. That basically covers it!

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Notes for Sick Days

♥ Don't try to read Jane Austen. Too hard.

♥ Instead squint at books like Open Studios by Lotta Jansdotter, Modern Vintage Style by Emily Chalmers, and Garden of Eden by Walter H Lack. Oooo pretty.

♥ Antipodes Saviour Skin Balm is your friend. Get to know each other.

♥ Don't use three year expired Vicks. Won't work.

♥ Eat sandwiches and fruit with a side of nacho chips. Boosts morale.

♥ Kenzo Spring 2012. Do it if only for the Jason Schwarztman-ised version of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

♥ Watch as many of these videos on this channel as you can. Like a lullaby or some kind of weird, Japanese cooking peace pill.

♥ Talking about Japanese cooking peace pills, try luxirare.

♥ If Homeland doesn't give you a reason to live, then don't ask me for any more help.

Remember when you were healthy and happy with tons of energy? Enough to cavort around a river picking flowers and chasing after bees? No? Here's pictures to remind you.

♥ Film and Digital Photos by Rob D ♥ Dress and Earrings from Glassons 

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