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meeting of minds

meeting of minds

When I first heard Christine talk about Mark, she used the words "soulmate". She talked of a man who wrote poetry, left quotes about the universe and astronomy on her work desk, and with whom she was able to talk to for hours at a time. A term lawyers use about contracts came into my head. It's called a "meeting of minds". If two people don't completely understand each other, the contract they made may be faulty to the point where it is almost like it was never made. In other words, there was no "meeting of minds". Often, when people call each other "soulmates" I suspect that what it is is really just a simple meeting of minds - the feeling that someone understands you, the knowledge that they will listen, argue to test your theory, and then support you, the comfort when you find you are wrong and someone is there to love you anyway.

I've known the bride for over twenty years. She's one of my best and oldest friends; the kind who can go overseas for years, then turn up the next day on your doorstep and it'll be like she'd never left. That's the hallmark of a good friendship, I think; the world can turn, but you guys won't. I wish her and Mark all the love and joy there is to wish in the world.

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