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the cherry blossom front

I'm having trouble thinking about what to say to you. I asked someone what I should say and the suggestion was Why don't you write about how this cherry blossom path is hidden away so well that when you found it, you felt like it was just for you? Astounded, that's exactly what I've come here to tell you. Sometimes it's good having someone who knows you so well, they can pretty much write this blog for you.

PS: It's Frocktober in Australia and Anna at Much Love is glamming up all thirty-one days of October, with only six days to go. It's a great cause so visit her fundraising page. All proceeds go to Ovarian Cancer Research. Want to see Anna and other bloggers (including me) in their favourite dresses? We're here. And here.

♥ Photos by Rob_D and Me on a Canon 5D and a Yashica Electro 35GSN ♥

Mizue Sawano's cherry blossoms and portraits of Morocco remind me of all the beautiful things I love about Monet with the unerring eye and feeling for colour of Matisse.


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