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the kids are alright

I read somewhere once that being an adult was all about dirt. It meant plunging your hands into a variety of disgusting holes, drains, pipes, and crevices to fish out fetid, horrible, drippy things. We're talking about clogged drains, clumps of hair, bin juice, and the mystery lumps of food that block your kitchen sink. Being an adult meant facing those things. 

More and more people I know are getting engaged or married, buying houses, creating trusts and wills and designing complicated insurance packages. They're climbing corporate ladders, spending bonuses, and flashing business cards and the latest Apple product.

Only a decade ago, I remember them, rolling the waistbands of their school skirts to get the hem up over their knees, lolling around on scratchy grass fields at lunch, licking ice-blocks in summer, and ogling the school P.E. teacher. So tell me, what do we lose when we get older? And what do we gain by not getting younger?

♥ Photos by Rob and me on 35mm film and digital 

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Jenna & Dan