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eight cousins

I think about the person who owned this book, years- maybe decades, before it came to me. 

She dreamt of Edwardian cotton dresses with lace trims and grosgrain ribbons in her hair. 

Maybe she would have loved Picnic at Hanging Rock if she were around to have seen the movie...

On the walls of her room, pictures of the Cottingley Fairies would be stuck up, not one of them lined up straight and her mother constantly asking her not to use sticky tape because it ruined the walls. 

On afternoons when the sun lay long and lazy across her bed, she could lie on top of the covers and stare up at the ceiling for hours and hours. I bet she looked like someone Katya and Anya would take pictures of. Maybe like her?

Maybe it was one of these days (a Sunday) when she decided to painstakingly colour in the illustrations in this book; she wasn't much fussed about the words; but the pictures! For her, clearly, the pictures were the best thing about the book. I like to think she got everything she wished for in her life. And now, her book is with me for safe-keeping, for remembering, for treasuring. 

♥ Click on each image for its source (except for the pictures take by me!) ♥ Eight Cousins by Louisa May Alcott is available free to download and read on Project Gutenberg 

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