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memories sneezing in salzburg

This may be maudlin but for me, Salzburg was a place full of memories struggling not to be forgotten. They crowd around its streets and bridges begging on corners with their hats out, busking in squares for attention, and haunting the cliffs waving at you as you walk past. Mozart's birth house competes for visitors with H&M and Mango right next door holding their mid-summer sale. The Mirabell Palace and gardens  positively shriek, like an aging actress, "Remember me from the Sound of Music?!" At St Peter's cemetery and catacombs, I could feel them all pressing in, lingering over all the copper statues, peering between the wrought iron grilles, and sneezing at the dust swirling up from tubs of fake flowers. In Salzburg, the past looks the present in the eye and dares it to compete with the kind of nostalgia that makes people believe in childhood summers full of sun and always absent of clouds and rain.

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