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july attends a party with his coat on

July smelt strong coffee, rising damp and cold rain hitting newly laid tarmac. He tasted crunchy frost on heavy wool coats, the air of relief when people plunged into warm rooms, and discontent; yes, the discontent was palpable. December and January never had this sort of thing to deal with in this upside down part of the world. When the sun was out, people tended to feel a lot better. But for July? Well. It was hard to keep going when everyone kept wishing it away. He was an unwanted guest, humoured and obliged, but only tolerated. At parties, to defend against this feeling, he always kept his coat on and told as many people as possible that he couldn't stay too long; he had somewhere else to go. Everyone knew it was a lie, but then no one ever asked him to stay.

♥ Photos by Rob on a Canon EOS 5D and a Fuji Instax 200 
♥ Dress and belt from Mango ♥ Heart brooch is vintage  Necklace is gifted  Cardigan from Country Road 


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