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chasing castles along romantic roads

I took a bus along the Romantic Road to see two fairytale castles; one, built as a mini-tribute to Versailles, the other a medieval-styled behemoth which inspired the Disney logo. The sad thing is, these castles are dreams come true, but they were built by a King whose life was far from "happy ever after" as you can imagine. My trip ends here but I've still got a fistful of Polaroids and film pictures to share, as well as a post with tips on travelling alone. So bear with me; no pretty clothes, but lots of pretty places. 

♥ The castles are Schloss Linderhoff and Schloss Neuschwanstein and my base was Munich. For more travel posts click here 

♥ My trip Polaroids are up on Flickr. Click here or the photo 


memories sneezing in salzburg