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restful llubljana and cream cakes on cliffs in bled

10.30 am on a Monday, I wondered why people weren't working. The entire town seemed to be lounging on the sidewalks along the Llubljanic river drinking cappuccinos and petting their dogs.  In Llubljana, there's no major attraction, no "must-see", no classic postcard images. Only a river bordered by swishing trees and lilies, differently-themed bridges (from the antique to the modern Butcher's Bridge strewn with man-monster sculptures), Prague-like  coloured houses, and free ballet shows in the evening outside a pink Franciscan church. The most dramatic moment I had was in Bled, eating beef carpaccio and Slovenian cream cake on the grounds of a castle from the Middle Ages, perched 130 metres on a cliff, nestled by the Julian Alps. In Llubljana and Bled, the restful nature of these places, for the first time during my trip, allowed me to breathe.

 Next Stop: Budapest, Hungary 

ups and downs in budapest

croatian caves and a zagreb taxi driver