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croatian caves and a zagreb taxi driver

We were leaving Zagreb on a train to Llubljana, Slovenia. Our taxi driver was unimpressed. For him, Bled was just a "muddy lake" compared to the Adriatic. "If it were me," he continued, "the only thing I would see in Slovenia is the caves!" I was finding it difficult to leave Croatia. Perhaps if you live in a country as vibrant and stunning as the Croatia I've seen, the rest of the world may same very cave-like indeed; dark, dirty, monotone, and still. Yet, we left Split the very afternoon anti-gay protestors were shouting "Death to Gays" against participants in an annual Gay Pride Parade. Demonstrations were broken up by riot police in full combat gear, armed with tear gas. There were over a hundred arrests. The taxi driver in Zagreb apologised outright for overcharging us because he couldn't afford to wait for custom for over two hours only to drive us a few hundred metres down the road for very little money. So, in the most important ways of nationhood, perhaps Croatia is still a little "cave like". I don't mean to end my travels in Croatia on a sombre note. But at times travelling allows you only to exist in bubble. You forget that you are merely a passerby; and if you don't try hard enough to look behind the city others choose to live in which you have only chosen to visit; you may miss some very important things.

♥ Photo/notes of a train trip from Zagreb to Llubljana 

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restful llubljana and cream cakes on cliffs in bled

a lady in split