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among the lotus eaters in Vienna

Vienna is one of the easiest, most relaxed places I've ever travelled. It's springtime and there's a lot of tourists rushing around (including me!); yet it inexplicably retains the feel of an overly large and urban tropical outpost. No one walks particularly fast or talks particularly loud, traffic is orderly and unobtrusive, absolutely everyone can speak English, and sights are well signposted. People are relaxed, friendly, urbane, and gorgeous. Every park is positively exploding with roses and the beer is always cold. I don't say this about many places; but yes, perhaps I could live here whiling away hours in outdoor cafes under the shade of leafy green canopies, people watching, writing, taking photos, and generally just existing. It makes me suspicious how artless and effortless this city is. It makes me think this might be something akin to the Land of the Lotus Eaters - I have been marvelling at how the tap water tastes so good.

♥ Next Stop: Prague, Czech Republic 

close ups in prague

transmission interrupted