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what the scanner saw

Today, I felt an urge to write a "to-do" list of all the things I wanted to accomplish this weekend. I changed my mind when I realised that the only other time I write "to do" lists are for grocery shopping, frantic work days, and sorting out Christmas gifts. Weekends are so short, I feel I can't relax until I do all the things that are supposed to relax me. So thinking about all the relaxing things I'm supposed to be doing (but haven't been) makes me stress out even more. This reminds me of a friend with whom I've lost touch; she used to recount how when she focused too much on how she was walking, she started walking funny, and sometimes became so self-conscious of how she walked, she had to stop and sit down. These are anxious times, folks. 

♥ Photos by Rob D on an Olympus Mju II with Fuji Pro 800Z 
♥ Scans from Wikimedia Commons (click on the picture for source) 
♥ Blazer from Zara ♥ Blouse from Karen Walker ♥ Skirt from Dotti ♥ Flats from Witchery

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