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transmission interrupted

In less than nine hours, I'll board a plane and disembark a bajillion hours later in Vienna, Austria. I'll be reunited (however briefly) with a childhood friend, one of my best. I'll then go it alone in Prague, missing Naomi's company and a lost opportunity to hack our way through corked wine with a dinner knife. After that, my mum and I will explore Dubrovnik, Split and Zagreb in Croatia, promenade next to the Danube in Budapest, and gape at mountains and lakes in Llubljana, Slovenia. I finish my trip alone in Munich. I'm excited. Are you? After all, you're coming too. 

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♥ Dress from Wildpair ♥ Sandals from Witchery ♥ And yes, that is a plastic bag and guess what? It's holding a pack of pork crackling ♥ 

A video of the things I will be missing from home. Music is an excerpt from Au Revoir Simone's "The Lucky One"

among the lotus eaters in Vienna

games people play