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on travel and escape

It was Alain de Boitton in The Art of Travel who asked the questions, Why and How do people travel? He proposed this:

If our lives are dominated by a search for happiness, then perhaps few activities reveal as much about the dynamics of this quest...than our travels. They understanding of what life might be about, outside the constraints of work and the struggle for survival
I travel for exactly this reason. I travel to run from the everyday. I'm  idealising the notion of travel of course; the reality of 24 hour flights, getting lost, and homesickness are far from romantic. However, these more painful aspects are easily borne when the opportunity for escape (at least for a couple of weeks) is so good.  

♥ Photos by Rob D on a Canon EOS 5D ♥ For a photo of what he looked like taking these photos click here 
♥ Jacket from Valley Girl ♥ Dress from Karen Walker ♥ Loafers from Topshop  Jewellery from Diva 

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